WATCH: Drunk passenger dragged off Ryanair flight from Luton to Spain’s Canary Islands in a headlock after harassing women on a hen do and attacking an air steward

A DRUNK passenger was dragged off a Ryanair flight to the Canary Islands in a headlock after his aggressive behaviour caused the plane to divert to Portugal.

The shocking scene was caught on video by a cabin full of irritated passengers who cheered and shouted ‘get off!’ as the powerful young man was manhandled off the Boeing jet.

The man, thought to be Polish, was part of a group of rowdy boozers who had been harassing a group of women on a hen do on the 8am flight from Luton to Lanzarote on January 19.

Clearly bothering not just the girls but the whole plane, a steward approached the group to warn them about their behaviour, various passengers reported.

When the staff member was knocked to the ground, the captain warned over the tannoy that they would divert to Portugal if the behaviour continued. 

Within just 20 minutes, the captain announced that they would be making an emergency stop in Faro, Portugal in 20 minutes.

The mobile phone footage captured the moment a burly Portuguese policeman grabs the Polish man from behind just as he was threatening to brawl.

The passengers celebrate his removal, shouting out ‘go home mate’, ‘well done’ and ‘bye bye!’ amid chortles.

The drama continued to unfold out on the tarmac as two officers held him in a headlock and dragged him over to a police car.

The man had initially agreed to get off the plane peacefully, but when he was permitted to get back on in order to retrieve his cabin bag, he inexplicably sat down.

A female witness told the Daily Mirror: “When he became violent it was quite scary as he was kicking and punching in such a small area. 

“The staff asked if anyone had been hurt to let them know. The staff were really great and I felt so bad they had to deal with that . . they were a bit shaken up I think.

Two males and three females in the group of friends he was travelling with were reportedly also chucked off the flight.


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