WATCH: ‘Goodbye to working in London’: Spain reacts to UK’s new immigration laws which require a minimum salary of €45,100

THE UK’s new immigration laws have sparked a backlash on social media in Spain.

The new rules announced by Prime Mininster Rishi Sunak this week state that any skilled overseas worker looking to move to Britain must have a job with a salary of at least £38,700 (€45,100).

That is a significant increase from the previous threshold of £26,200 (€30,500).

Some jobs will be excluded from the rules, including in health and social care.

The plans are part of the Conservative government’s goal to make the ‘biggest ever’ cut in net migration.

Social media users in Spain have been left divided by the measures.

One TikTok user shared a Spanish report of the news writing: “Goodbye to working in London.”

Another wrote: “Well they are going to have a problem with waiters.”

One added: “The UK is going pretty bad since Brexit haha.”

However many commenters supported the UK’s new rules, saying that Spain should introduce similar legislation.

One user said: “Perfect, what a shame we don’t have that here!,” while another said; “Sounds great to me, let’s see if we learn something.”

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