WATCH: Have you visited Andalucia’s very own ‘Petra’ yet, just a stone’s throw from Osuna?

Nestled near Osuna in Sevilla is a remarkable quarry dating from the fifth century BCE that has been dubbed the ‘Petra of Andalucia’ after the famed UNESCO site in Jordan.

With the official title the Coto de las Canteras, it is a breathtaking sight that has been developed over the centuries a short stroll from the city centre. 

The Turdetani tribes began using the stone here over 2,500 years ago, and today the quarry still stands as a testament to this rich history.

The rock formations inside recall the magnificence of other caves like the Dionisio’s Ear (Oreja de Dionisio) in Siracusa. 

It’s also the largest natural auditorium in Spain.

The prized limestone sandstone from the quarry was used to construct the most beautiful palaces, churches, and homes in Osuna’s historic centre. 

The exterior of the quarry has been carved, while the interior has been hollowed out, creating a unique and fascinating spectacle.

From the 16th century onwards, work was carried out to extract the stone and shape it into the beautiful structure seen today.


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