WATCH: Moment baby dolphin is rescued from an illegal net off Spain’s Andalucia – much to the delight of its mother 

THIS is the moment a baby dolphin was saved from drowning off the coast of Almeria after give-it-a-go heroes stepped in. 

Video footage uploaded to Twitter shows a mother bottlenose dolphin trying to free her baby, whose nose is stuck in an illegal net. 

Uploaded by Spain’s Aquatic Association (Asocación Equinac), the clip shows the mother struggling to keep the baby above water so it could breathe. 

A man is then seen standing at the edge of a boat, trying to disentangle the net from the dolphin’s tail. 

Another man can be heard saying: “There’s good people in the world, friends. Here, we are saving a dolphin.” 

“Ah, god!”, he shouts, as the creature thrashes.

The video then cuts to the two heroes, known only as José Ramon and Miguel, smiling.

Illegal nets are a common threat to marine life on the Spanish coast. If dolphins are unable to come to the surface for oxygen at least once every ten minutes, they risk drowning. 

“This is the cruel reality of illegal fishing nets. This baby dolphin was lucky this time but unfortunately many dolphins die this way”, warned the Spanish Aquatic Association on X (formerly Twitter).


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