WATCH: Moment masked gunman robs petrol station in Spain’s Estepona before escaping on an e-scooter

VIDEO has been released showing the moment a masked gunman robs a petrol station in Estepona.

The clip shows a man in a black hoodie and white mask waiting in line at the Huerta Nueva Galp branch. 

The attacker feigns paying for a bottle of Coke before pulling out a gun and pointing it at till staff. 

The woman behind the desk holds up her arms in surrender before opening the till. 

She hands over the money and steps away with her hands up as the robber rifles through wads of cash.

He collects the bills, seemingly leaving one behind the desk for the attendant. 

The robber then walks out, breaking into a run as he leaves the shop. 

It is believed the suspect escaped from the scene thanks to help from an accomplice, who was waiting in a nearby park with an electric scooter. 

The incident took place at around 5pm on January 2. 

Police sources said they are searching for a man of South American origin, but have been unable to locate them at the time of publication.


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