WATCH: New CHURRO burger is launched in Spain’s Andalucia – but could YOU stomach it?

EVERYONE loves churros and a burger, but have you ever thought of pairing the two?

That’s just what a popular restaurant has done in Andalucia, southern Spain.

The so-called ‘churroburguer’ is available from today and has certainly got social media talking.

The unusual dish is the mastermind of Vidal Ramos and Jose Maria Mora, respective owners of Calenteria El Barba (a churro cafe) and The Burger Shop in the Triana neighbourhood of Sevilla.

The businesses have joined forces to create the churro burger, with all the proceeds going to a local soup kitchen run by the Triana de Nuestra Señora del Rosario brotherhood.

According to Jose Maria, the flavor is ‘explosive’.

There are 180 grams of beef, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, creame cheese, bacon, a special house sauce and most importantly, two buns made from churros.

The burger is available at The Burger Shop until January 7 and costs €12.

Vidal Ramos told Diario de Sevilla: “These are very special dates and we wanted to create something innovative to help the people of the neighborhood.

“José María is an expert in hamburgers and I have been making churros all my life and we thought about doing something together. What we did not expect is that a product would come out like that.

“We have done many tests until we have found the key.”

The Burger Shop is situated on Avenida de la Ronda de Triana Nº11

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