WATCH: Police capture large iguana in Spain’s Malaga

POLICIA Local in Malaga have captured a large reptile in the Bailen-Miraflores district of the city.

The reptile, an iguana of more than one metre in length and weighing about 6.5 kilograms, was spotted by residents a few days ago in a green area located next to Calle Albacete, between Avenida Valle Inclán and Calle Genoveses.

According to Malaga City Council, the sighting was reported to a local vet, who in turn informed the police.

The Police’s nature protection unit in Malaga proceeded to take charge of capturing the animal.

It was eventually caught and placed inside a container for transportation to the municipal Animal Protection Centre.

Once at the facility, the reptile was given the appropriate care, unfortunately nothing could be done to save the iguana’s life, and it sadly died a few days later due to it’s poor state of health.

The large iguana captured was actually found in the same local area where two exotic snakes have recently been found.

Police are investigating to try to determine who is abandoning the animals.


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