WATCH: Reporter in Spain is almost blown away by Storm Ciaran as viewers slam TV network for ‘putting her in danger’

CRITICISM rained down on state broadcaster TVE on Thursday, as a reporter braved Storm Ciaran to deliver a report on the weather in Spain. The network was slammed for ‘putting her in danger’ to report on adverse conditions that most people were already well aware of.

Journalist Paula Filgueiras was seen on screen struggling with her umbrella as the rain and wind beat down on her on the coast of La Coruña, located in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region. 

“This is the image that we are getting right now,” said presenter Lluis Guilera on the Canal 24 Horas rolling news channel. “This is the difficulty that our colleague in La Coruña is having to report the weather situation to us.”

Filgueiras was, in fact, located just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean, and the effects of the storm system were clear for viewers to see. 

TVE reporter during Storm Ciaran
The reporter is battered by wind and rain during her connection with the TVE studios. / TVE

While the journalist was able to deliver several lines of information about the situation in Galicia, she was cut short by the wind practically blowing her off her feet as waves crashed in the background. 

“Get to a safer area,” Guilera told his colleague. 

The clip quickly spread across social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, accompanied by comments that were highly critical of TVE for allowing the reporter to broadcast from such a clearly dangerous environment. 

“It should be banned and punishable to put the life of an employee at risk to report on site about something that is obvious if you look out of a window,” said one user on X.

“The reporter, Paula Filgueiras, 10/10,” commented another. “Her cameraman colleague, who managed a shot that didn’t move a millimetre, 100.”

Storm Ciaran caused chaos across Spain on Thursday, and tragically claimed the life of a 23-year-old woman after a tree fell on her in the Salamanca neighbourhood in central Madrid. 

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