Watch! Sassy schoolgirl in Spain delivers priceless pep talk about the importance of masks

A SPANISH schoolgirl’s hilarious response to having to wear a mask in class has gone viral.

The cheeky youngster from Murcia earned fans across the country after her adorable quip did the round on social media. 

This week around 8 million students have returned to the classroom to share a new school year with teachers and classmates. 

Under the sanitary measures imposed by the Ministry of Health, it is mandatory for any student over the age of six to wear a mask at school. 

But this precocious girl has given just about every single one of us a lesson in staying positive during the pandemic in a priceless video where she gave a reporter a pep talk about wearing masks. 

When asked about her opinion on the mandatory face coverings, she quipped: “Yes, it is a roll, but hey. You have to survive!”

Wise words – and a good example to all! 


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