WATCH: Spanish woman reveals the 10 things she ‘hates’ about living in Spain – but how many do YOU agree with?

WHEN expats first arrive in Spain, the benefits usually greatly outweigh the drawbacks, and there is so much to enjoy about life in the country – from the wonderful cuisine and friendly people, to the excellent weather and cheap cost of living. 

But, of course, over time, the sheen of a new life can rapidly start to fade, and just like in the country that you left behind, there will be things that start to really grind your gears. 

Lucia from the My Daily Spanish website has released a video list of the 10 things that she ‘hates about living in Spain’, and some of the items are nothing if not controversial. 

Which ones do you agree with? And do you have your own that aren’t on her list? Leave us a comment or tweet us @olivepress 

Here is the full list, along with a few of her reasons.

1. Siesta time. “From 3 to 5pm we are expected to keep noise levels down. It’s not so fun when we are trying to get things done,” she says. “She also laments the closure of small businesses during this timetable, making it ‘hard to get things done’.

2. Closed on Sundays. “Another thing I hate is that on Sundays, almost everything shuts down.” “The intervals of time on public transport you have to wait are also longer.”

3. Late arrivals. “Punctuality shines by its absence, as we say in Spain. If you are someone who values being on time, brace yourself. Here, arriving late is more a norm than an exception.”

4. Cold houses in the south. “Heading to the south for warmth? Surprisingly the houses here can be quite cold in the winter, lacking the proper insulation.” 

5. Loudness. “Many conversations here aren’t just chats. They are more like PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS!”

6. Taxes and cost of living. “Taxes in Spain are high because the healthcare system and education are free, among many other services.” “Also the rents in the past few years have become very expensive for the money we make for working in Spain.”

The YouTube video from Lucia about 10 things she hates about Spain

7. Sexism. “Some nasty cisheterosexual men make unsolicited comments towards women.” “Sometimes it is a whistle, and sometimes they honk their horn to get your attention. Really disrespectful and disgusting.” 

8. Bullfighting. “I hate this tradition!” “This is killing and making a prehistoric show out of it.”

9. Kissing. “In Spain a man greeting a man will do a handshake or even just a pat. A woman greeting a woman will do two kisses on the cheeks. And a woman greeting a man also does two kisses. I am done kissing. My lips hurt! And this is kind of sexist too.”

10. Public amenities. “The scarcity and condition of public toilets can be a real challenge.” “Toilets are usually dirty and may lack toilet paper.” “My advice here is to go to the bathroom before you leave home or your hotel, and then use the bathrooms of the restaurant or bar where you have lunch or dinner.”   

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