WATCH: Staggering and suffering bull in village festival in Spain’s Guadalajara outrages animal welfare groups

A SUFFERING and struggling bull filmed at a village fiesta in Spain’s heartland has provoked yet more controversy and accusations of animal cruelty.

The annual Tendilla festival, held in the province of Guadalajara in honour of San Bartolomeo, the town’s patron saint, sees a running-of-the-bulls-style event.

In a harrowing video filmed on October 7, an injured bull, unable to lift its head off the ground, is seen writhing in agony while onlookers witness the heartbreaking scene.

Bypassers watch impassively as the bull struggles with pain, suffering and exhaustion in the Tendilla festival, held in the province of Guadalajara

“This is how a bull ended up at the Tendilla festival (Guadalajara). The undeniable suffering and distress experienced by animals in these cruel events,” the user who uploaded the video wrote on social media.

The fate of the bull is not known, but is it understood that another bull that took part in the same event was later killed.

In September alone, another bull died in Tendilla after it was tied up and beaten to death.

The video was picked up on by various animal welfare organisations, including Pacma, AnimaNatural, and the Franz Weber Foundation.

Dubbing Tendilla ‘the town of death’, PACMA called out the cruelty that took place in front of watching children.

They added that it ‘contributes to desensitising them to animal cruelty, normalising their exposure to violence.’ 

The foundation pointed out that in 2018, the Committee on the Rights of the Child warned Spain about ‘the participation or presence of minors in any bull-related activity’ and recommended excluding them from such events.


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