WATCH: The crazy lengths Fuengirola zoo must go to keep the animals warm during the current cold snap

With the current biting temperature plunging the Costa del Sol into something almost resembling winter, BIOPARC Fuengirola has been forced to take extraordinary action to keep their residents alive.

Many of the animals, such as gorillas and red pandas, come from tropical climates and they have little time for genuinely cold weather.

With the well-being of these animals in mind, the zookeepers have had to put extraordinary measures in place at the park. 

Some of these tricks include radiant floor heating both in the inside and outside of the enclosures.

Heat lamps, heated beds and heated pools might sound positively luxurious for the presumed human reading this story, but are quite essential for the meerkats, orangutans and tortoises.

Diligent zookeepers have also modified the animals’ diets to include vitamin supplements that strengthen their immune systems, as well as vegetable broths and herbal infusions.

Every day of the year, the park’s team records maximum and minimum temperatures to determine when these measures need to be put in place to protect the animals from the cold.

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Gorillas live in tropical climates in Sub-Sarahan Africa and do not do well in near-freezing temperatures

The team of caregivers who look after the animals and check that the temperatures are to their liking are on hand at the zoo to chat with members of the public

The park management makes available to the public the team of caregivers responsible for implementing these measures and ensuring the quality of life for all the animals in our care.


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