WATER CRISIS: Gibraltar to clean up Power’s Drive Tunnel after rockfall caused by fire

GEOLOGICAL experts have recommended removal of 400 tonnes of debris from the Power’s Drive Tunnel where the fire that caused this summer’s water crisis started.

The experts reported to the Gibraltar Government’s Strategic Coordinating Group (SCG) that recommended restrictions on high water users until Friday, even as water stocks continue to rise.

The analysis of the damage to the tunnel followed a study by the Technical Services Department (TSD).

According to a Gibraltar Government statement, geotechnical experts found that the Power’s Drive Tunnel ‘remains largely unaffected with most of the damage being localized to the area of the fire’.

“The geological report shows that, in some areas, there has been rockfall of up to 2.5 metres,” said the government.

“This has resulted in approximately 400 tonnes of debris being required to be removed.

“The removal of this debris will begin tomorrow with the TSD expecting this operation to take approximately three days to complete,” it added.

Reservoirs are now increasing in volume with all Reverse Osmosis plants working at full pelt, AquaGib reported.

The local water company said it was in the process of supplying the Ministry of Defence with water after the military had problems with one of its pumps.

But despite the rises in water supplies, AquaGib said that ‘it remains prudent to continue with the remaining restrictions in place for high consumers’.

At the same time, the government will continue to import non-potable water by sea to a bowser at Mid Harbours Industrial Park

“Members of the public are encouraged to use this water for any non-essential activity as this will alleviate pressure from the AquaGib network,” the government added in its statement.


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