‘We found them in the trash’: Authorities open probe after African migrants pictured in Spain wearing police uniforms

SPAIN’S Civil Guard has opened an investigation after a photo spread via social media of a group of African migrants wearing its regulation clothing. 

The picture was snapped in the Spanish North African city of Ceuta, and shows the group wearing polo shirts, hats and sweatshirts carrying the official logo of the Civil Guard, which is one of the country’s two national police forces. 

The probe was begun by the Civil Guard after the photo was first shared several days ago. Since then, the force has managed to identify the group and recover the items of clothing. 

Migrants in Ceuta wearing Civil Guard clothing
Migrants in Ceuta wearing Civil Guard clothing. Twitter

According to a report in Spanish daily El Español, the migrants claimed that they found the clothing in a trash container. 

The Civil Guard was on Monday trying to determine who could have left it there. 

The four men were photographed near to the CETI temporary migrant holding centre in Ceuta, where they are staying. 

According to the Spanish Criminal Code, anyone who ‘publicly and improperly uses a uniform that assigns them an official capacity’ is committing a criminal offence that can carry a fine.

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