Weatherman warns of possible torrential rains in Spain’s Andalucia this September

MARIO Picazo, meteorologist at Weathernetwork and has forecast a final stretch of summer and the beginning of autumn with floods and heavy rainfall.

Over recent weeks, Spain has been sizzled by a record-setting heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 40ºC in many parts of the country.

Sea temperature has also been on the rise, in fact, due to the last two heatwaves, the water in the Mediterranean has reached a record high of 30ºC and it’s this rise in sea temperature that could have serious consequences, the weather expert warns.

According to Picazo, the rise in water temperature could lead to torrential rains from late summer or autumn.

As specified on his Twitter account, Picazo has explained that water in the Mediterranean at 30ºC produces water vapour. And this, in turn, generates extreme heat and heatwaves, which could cause torrential rains with flooding and a high impact on marine species in the final stretch of summer and early autumn.

“It is true that a warm sea alone does not produce severe storms, but the atmospheric dynamics of frequent DANAS (cold drops) that we have experienced over the past decade, and not necessarily just in autumn, do,” the meteorologist added.

Other weather experts, including Jose Miguel Viñas, meteorologist at, agree that the abnormally high temperature in the Mediterranean sea, which currently exceeds the average temperature for this time of year by 4 to 5ºC is one of the key ingredients that could ‘boost the torrential rains that could arrive in autumn or at the end of summer.’


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