Where are expats choosing to move to in Spain?: Top 10 areas include provinces from Andalucia, Murcia and Valencia

Moving to Spain is a bucket-list item for many, with some wanting to retire at the beach and some wanting to work in the heart of the country. With this move come countless hours of sunshine and a brand new culture to delve into, but which province should you choose?

Researchers at the expat advice website ‘movingtospain.com’ conducted a study on the provinces with the highest expat-to-resident ratios.

The top three consisted of Almeria, Girona, and Alicante.

Almeria came on top with 21.89% of the population being expats.

Around 162,000 expats in a 740,000-person total population means that Almeria is almost a fifth expat.

It’s worth noting that although Almeria takes the top spot, it boasts the smallest total population.

mojacar almeria
Mojacar, Almeria

Alicante secured a place in the top three with an expat percentage of 20.44%.

This large province accommodates more expats than both Almeria and Girona combined, with over 380,000 expatriates calling it home.

The majority of these expats are British.

Additionally, making the top 10 list are Malaga and Murcia, ranking seventh and tenth, respectively.

In Malaga, expats constitute 16.73% of the population, while in Murcia, the expat population stands at 14.80%.

The Spanish province with the highest proportion of UK nationals is Alicante, with 4,036 in every 100,000 people being British citizens.

Just under 77,000 Brits live in the province.

Alicante, though rich in its own culture, also houses some home comforts from the UK, making it a home from home for Brits.

Malaga also houses a large number of UK citizens.

Although it only comes in seventh in terms of the number of expats, British residents are abundant.

Per 100,000 people, 3,262 are UK citizens.

With this, Malaga also has the second-highest total number of British inhabitants, with over 56,000 people.


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