Where do people work the most and least hours in Spain? Eye-opening figures disprove the stereotype of ‘lazy’ Andalucians

ANDALUCIA is among the hardest-working regions in Spain, based on hours spent at work according to BBVA Research which analysed figures from 2022.

It shows the national average at 32.1 hours with Andalucians virtually the same at 32.08 hours- dispelling an impression that they are somehow lazy.

Top of the list are the Balearic Islands with 33.33 hours, followed by the Madrid region on 32.88 hours and the Canaries on 32.68 hours.


The Basque Country comes bottom on 30.25 followed by 31.03 hours clocked by Asturias region workers.

Andalucia is also among the top regions for the most work being done.

Full-time workers are the third most likely to put in the most hours: 35.90, according to the Labour Cost Survey.

This is four hours less than the average working day agreed in the collective bargaining agreement as of February this year(39,45) and this difference is due to the fact that the survey measures the hours actually worked with leave not included.

As far as part-time workers are concerned, Andalucians are second with the most hours- 20.98.

Manuel Hidalgo, economics professor at the Pablo de Olavide University says the extra hours worked in Andalucia is down to the greater presence in the region of ‘labour-intensive activities where there is little or no flexibility in the services provided’.

That is the case for a restaurant, or a hotel, where Hidalgo believes that ‘reducing the working day means hiring more people or having shorter opening hours’ which impacts the business.

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