Why It Is Essential To Provide Transcriptions For Youtube Videos

There are many reasons why it’s essential to transcribe audio to text, especially for YouTube videos. First, it’s terrific for increasing brand awareness and exposure on search engines like Google, and second, it helps viewers understand the video content better.

According to GoTranscript, audio to text transcriptions are essential for professionals and amateurs looking to expand their services and reach a wider audience. Getting accurate transcriptions for your YouTube videos should be one of your brand’s top priorities. That’s why most businesses invest money into transcription services to save both time and money.

YouTube transcripts are beneficial for people with impaired hearing or those on the bus or subway who want to listen to their favorite video. When a video provides an enabled transcript, anyone can read what the video is about without listening to it.

Please note that even though many YouTube videos have automatic transcripts, this is not always the best strategy. Automated transcripts are usually low quality and sometimes incomprehensible. It’s best to use transcription services with a 99% accuracy rate, like GoTranscript.


Better Search Rankings

Adding a transcription or subtitles to a YouTube video is more SEO friendly as it has an additional text element. Transcriptions support better search rankings and generate more visits to your website or YouTube channel as they appear higher on browsers.


Video Tutorials

Text transcripts are a must if you’re developing teaching or learning tutorials. Text transcripts allow viewers to understand better what you’re teaching. They’re beneficial for learning everyday speech and foreign languages.

Text transcripts are an excellent tool for providing learning opportunities, as they let the audience understand the tutorials better.


Keep a Record

A text transcript is an effective way to develop keyword and topic searchability for listeners. It’s easier for your audience to refer to the video and find relevant information with a text transcript.


Increase your Audience

Text transcriptions and closed captions were first developed to support people with hearing disabilities. Please note that 2.3% of Spain’s population are deaf or have some hearing disability. This audience spends time on YouTube, and it’s vital to grant them access to your video content.

Recent studies show that 71% of people with hearing disabilities leave a video if it doesn’t include closed captions.

Better User Experience

 When viewers have access to a video transcript, they have a better user experience. Every person is different, so adding a transcript gives your audience another option for consuming your video’s content.

 Remember that text transcripts make it straightforward to search your YouTube videos for keywords or topics.


 While you might be inclined to use YouTube’s auto transcribe feature, it’s vital to understand that it’s more compelling to create your own text transcript.

 Until today, YouTube’s auto transcribes program doesn’t provide an accurate transcription. Unfortunately, this results in disappointed viewers and no SEO effectiveness. That’s why it’s best to deliver your video transcription when you upload the video.

 Additionally, there is evidence that Google and YouTube use video transcripts to index videos based on relevant information found within the transcript. This is vital for businesses that want to stand out from the competition.



 There are many reasons your business would benefit from transcribing your YouTube videos to text. Choosing the exemplary transcription service is vital to guarantee reliability and accuracy.

 Transcribing YouTube videos is beneficial for those with hearing disabilities and everyone who wants to view a video without listening to it. Hopefully, you’ll use this technique to rank higher in search results and improve your marketing strategy. 

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