Woman in Spain goes viral after swallowing a TOOTHBRUSH while choking on ham

Photo: @haaiizzee/Instagram

A SPANISH woman has gone viral after swallowing a toothbrush while eating jamon. 

The Basque university student has spoken out after the bizarre incident, hoping to warn others. 

Last Wednesday, November 29, Haizea was snacking on some ham when suddenly she felt like she was drowning. 

The pesky jamon had not just ‘gone down the wrong way’ but had started to choke her, according to Diario Sur. 

The 21-year-old desperately tried to pull out the ham but did not succeed. 

As her horror-struck grandmother and uncle looked on, she attempted to dislodge the meat with a toothbrush. 

Suddenly, she noticed she was losing her grip on the brush as it slid down her throat. 

The choking finally stopped but her family immediately took her to hospital, where they discovered she had swallowed the toothbrush whole. 

She said: “I felt like I had something in my chest, but it didn’t hurt, it almost didn’t bother me.”

Even still, the Galdakao native had to have a gastroscopy to remove the brush, waking up after the procedure to find it next to her on the pillow.


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