Woman on trial in Spain’s Malaga for squatting tries to dodge court date citing boob job appointment

A WOMAN accused of squatting in a property in Malaga province has tried to get out of a court date by claiming that she had to have surgery on her breast implants on the same day. 

Lawyers for the Swiss owner of the occupied home said that their client was ‘wondering if he had purchased a house in Spain or in a banana republic’ in the wake of the incident, which was reported by Spanish online daily El Confidencial.

The victim of the situation, who is said to be suffering ‘panic attacks’ due to the stress, fell in love with Malaga and decided to buy a property there for long stays, and possibly to live in.

He discovered that it had been taken over by a squatter when he arrived one day with his suitcase and found that the key no longer fit the lock. 

The National Police were called but could do nothing more than to identify the alleged squatter. 

The trial, according to El Confidencial, was scheduled for the end of November but had to be cancelled due to a strike. 

A new date was set for January 17, but this session also had to be put on hold after the defence lawyers for the squatter presented a document from a clinic that stated that she was scheduled to have surgery involving the ‘elevation of mammary implants’. 

The lawyers for the victim believe that the appointment is nothing more than a ruse to drag on the trial, and have called into question the authenticity of the document.

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