Woman who split from husband in UK is held captive by family for ‘exorcism’ in Spain’s Andalucia

A woman was locked up by her family for 22 days in Linares because they wanted evil spirits exorcised from her body after she split from her husband in London.

Her father-in-law flew over from the UK to take charge of the exorcism.

The man, along with the woman’s parents, have been arrested by the Policia Nacional on kidnapping charges.

The 27-year-old victim is now back in London after travelling to Spain before Christmas to stay with her parents.

After arriving in Linares, the front door was locked to stop her leaving before she was held in a room for 22 days with no food and being expressly forbidden to speak.

She was told about the need to be exorcised because she had decided to end her marriage.

On January 23, the Policia Nacional got a call from a neighbour saying there was domestic violence going on in a house.

A police patrol arrived at the address to be greeted by a Pakistani man who denied that anything untoward was going on.

As he spoke, the officers heard screaming coming from inside the house and entered a room where they discovered the woman on a bed with her father-in-law trying to tie her up and cover her mouth so that she could not squeal.

She was in shock and could not stop crying as the officers saw injuries on her face, mouth, and wrists.

The victim was taken to a health centre to be examined and after providing police with a full statement, she travelled to Barcelona to stay with her sister, before returning to London.

It’s not known whether she has reconciled with her husband.

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