Young man arrested in Spain’s Valencia for physically assaulting own mother for two years

A 23-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in Silla (Valencia) for allegedly mistreating his 60-year-old mother repeatedly over the last two years.

The victim finally reported her son to the Guardia Civil this week, after the suspect reportedly grabbed her by the neck and threatened to strangle her because she would not let him use her mobile phone.

It seems the accused suffers from some form of undisclosed mental illness for which he is taking medication.

According to the victim, her son warned her during the latest attack that if he killed her nothing would happen to him because ‘I’m mad’.

The suspect was arrested at the family home in Silla while the mother received emergency treatment at the local health centre, where medical staff confirmed the presence of neck injuries.

Photo by PxHere

Psychiatric experts will now analyse the suspect’s mental health to determine whether he was conscious and aware of his actions when he assaulted his mother.

The violent episodes, which are said to have taken place regularly since 2019, allegedly also included lewd behaviour on several occasions.

A court this week set the suspect free awaiting trial, although placed him under a restraining order from his mother that prevents him from going within 50 metres of her or communicating with the victim in any way.

This has forced the son to leave the family home, although he has simply moved in with a friend who lives a few blocks down in the same street.

According to the police, the mother had previously filed a report for violence against her son one year ago, although she then dropped the charges due to undisclosed reasons.


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