Young people create ‘impressive’ digital scan of Gibraltar minister’s office to showcase their talent

A PAIR of young people from Gibraltar have made their names for themselves with 3D scanning which they then want to use to highlight Gibraltar’s modernity and innovation.

Local young people James Barton and Jarod Vassallo met with Minister for Trade and Industry Nigel Feetham to show him just what they could do.

They used the state-of-the-art equipment to scan the physical objects in the new minister’s office and turn them into a digital replica in three dimensions.

Feetham called the feat ‘truly impressive’ as he sets about trying to expand the community’s Digital Skills in a new drive.

The visit was part of this plan to encourage young digital entrepreneurship in Gibraltar, a manifesto commitment by the GSLP/Liberal Alliance at the October 12 election.

Barton and Vassallo came up with a life-like tour of the minister’s office, which they then posted online.

The pair would like to use their skills in public and commercial settings, giving their place of birth a boost too.

They hope it will raise Gibraltar’s profile as a tech hub onto the global map.

Feetham said meeting the two young entrepreneurs was ‘an absolute delight’ and pointed out ‘their passion for what they do and their ambitions’

“As a Government we have made a steadfast commitment to nurturing new digital businesses in Gibraltar, especially those led by local tech-savvy entrepreneurs, including importantly our young talent,” the minister said.

“We are truly excited by local skills development and collaboration in the digital space and inspiring innovation among young entrepreneurs like James and Jarod who can help shape the future of the financial sector in Gibraltar.”

The minister also gave the opening talk at an event organised by Rock Learning to help grow local talent, create internships and graduate programmes.

The minister explained his vision to bolster Gibraltar’s future in the financial sector, especially in digital technology, by training young people.


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