740 kilos of cocaine seized from huge drug trafficking gang in Malaga

A high-profile member of the Dutch Mocro-Mafia is among nine people arrested for operating an international cocaine trafficking ring based out of Malaga. 

It comes as National Police seized 740 kilos of the narcotics, as well as 50,000 euros in cash, 30 mobile phones, five vehicles, a firearm and a bulletproof vest. 

Police said the network was made up of people from Sweden, France and England – with contacts in the South American countries where the cocaine was coming from and in the destination countries, mainly Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. 

Those investigated were also ‘priority objectives’ of the authorities of their respective countries and considered ‘high value targets’ of EUROPOL.

Six people were arrested in the Madrid municipality of Aranjuez and three in Malaga.

The investigation started in April in 2021 where agents quickly discovered that the main members of the criminal organisation were based on the coast in Malaga. 

They were tracked having secret meetings, where members of the group would often travel between Madrid and Malaga for the suspicious gatherings. 

Police also tracked numerous trips to other European countries and Dubai.

Some of the group’s operatives from Sweden were known by Swedish authorities for their ‘high degree of danger’, including one who was a ‘well-known member’ of the Dutch Macro-Mafia gang.


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