Power to the people as Spain’s Valencia gets first ‘solar community’ to cut energy bills

POWER firm Iberdrola has launched its first solar community in Valencia City courtesy of a major solar panel installation on a school roof.

233 panels with a total power of 105 kilowatts have been installed at the Sagrada Familia school in the Benimaclet district.

Iberdrola says the new set-up on top of the sports hall means that 170 homes will be able to tap into it to enjoy the benefits of 100% renewable and low-cost energy.

People living up to two kilometres away can take advantage of the option without having to pay for their own installations.

The system will generate 146 megawatt hours of electricity each year saving some 686 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere over 25 years.

Iberdrola Smart Solar head, Pablo Pires, said: This is an important innovative project in providing energy solutions, sustainability and commitment to the citizens of Valencia by investing in their neighbourhood.”

Potential users can simply go online to work out the environmental and cost benefits via the Iberdrola Solar Communities website where they can also join the Sagrada Familia solar community.

More than two-thirds of Spain’s population live in high-rise buildings and so community initiatives are seen as vital for driving an up-take in domestic solar energy usage.

Iberdrola estimates that as much as 70% can be saved on a home energy bill in a single-family home.


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