Adios Boris: PM returns home to crisis-hit Britain after relaxing autumn break in hills above Spain’s Costa del Sol

BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his pregnant wife Carrie and their son Wilf were seen leaving a villa in the hills above Marbella to head home on Thursday after a controversial autumn break in Spain.

Johnson left the luxury holiday estate in Benahavis inland from the Costa del Sol in a minivan with blacked out windows.

His decision to take a holiday as Britain lurched from one crisis to another has not played well back home, despite assurances from political aids that he was”continuing to work on government business”.

The PM has been spotted relaxing by doing some painting on the sunny terraza of the 600 acre estate owned by Zac Goldsmith which usually commands a rental price of €25,000 a week.

British tabloids branded him the “weasel with his easel” for deserting Britain in a state of turmoil, with fuel shortages and empty supermarket shelves thanks to a dearth of lorry drivers.

“The prime minister continues to be in charge as is always the case,” insisted a Downing Street spokesman

“The prime minister has taken calls with leaders already and there will be others to follow.

“The prime minister has been kept regularly updated on the ongoing work to address the current issues around fuel and supply chains.

“He is in regular contact with with ministers and No 10. He is also continuing to take calls particularly in the run-up to Cop26.”

He was back at work in Britain on Friday, visiting the Rolls Royce factory in Bristol.


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