Nearly half of people in Spain favour compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations

ALMOST half of people in Spain are in favour of mandatory vaccinations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The findings come in the latest October survey from the Centre for Sociological Research(CIS), with 78.1% of the population aged 12 and over fully-vaccinated.

48.9% believe that everybody should be forced to be vaccinated against COVID-19, 1.5% more than in September’s CIS survey.

24.6% are against any compulsion while 23% said that it ‘depends on the circumstances’, with 3.1% responding as ‘don’t know or uncertain’.

The numbers supporting compulsory jabs rises to 63.7% for health workers, care home staff, and for people who have ‘direct contact’ with the public.

30.8% are against, with 4.6% of respondents ‘uncertain’.

The CIS study showed that two-thirds of the population believe that current pandemic safety measures are satisfactory.

65.9% said they were in favour of ‘continuing as we are’ while 20.2% demanded tougher action.

In regard to mask wearing, 66.2% supported their compulsory indoor use, with 30.2% wanting all outdoor wearing to cease.

The overwhelming view is that the worst of the pandemic is over according to 81.1% of those surveyed.

5.8% though that the ‘worst is still to come’ and 5.3% believed that they were currently living through the worst period of the pandemic.

Image Credit: Cordon Press

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