American expat divides opinion after blasting her landlord in Spain: Young woman ‘is told to use her neighbour’s bathroom’ as she will have no water supply during planned construction work

A YOUNG expat has divided opinion after being told to use ‘her neighbour’s bathroom’ as planned construction work will cut off water supply. 

The American woman was asking for advice in an expat support group when critical comments started to flood in. 

In the post, the expat said her running water supply would be cut off for 24 to 72 hours. 

Reportedly, the woman’s landlord made the ‘unreasonable’ suggestion she use her neighbour’s bathroom. 

The landlord’s solution, she said, would not fix the problem as she ‘works different hours’ to her neighbour. 

In her post on the ‘Expats in Spain’ Facebook group, she said: “How is this legal? Even if it is only 24 hours, (which I doubt) it makes the apartment non livable. I can’t use the toilet, brush my teeth, etc. 

“Should the inmobiliaria be putting my roommates and I in a hotel? If it takes more than 24 hours can I do anything?”

Less than a day later, the post has garnered almost 200 comments, dividing expat opinion. 

Some called the woman a ‘diva’ and ‘drama queen’, saying ‘You have been given ample notice of the water disruption. Just fill up a few 8 litre plastic containers to flush toilet n wash in. It’s not the end of the world.’

Many also highlighted the ongoing water cuts across Southern Spain as a result of drought. 

However, many people also showed sympathy for the expat.

“Wow a lot of these responses lack empathy,” said one commentor. 

Another added: “Wow there is a lot of compassion on here, no water for 24 hours, let everyone on here putting negative comments put up with that! “This is 2024 people don’t wash and clean our clothes in the river anymore, so come on, grown up comments to help someone who is worried .”

Others advised the woman to request her landlord put her and her housemates up in a hotel while the work continues. 

Meanwhile, another suggested the woman ‘ask a lawyer’ for their opinion.

She said: “I’m sorry you are the victim of so many sadistic people coming to you. They roam free nowadays with foam in their mouths. Ignore them. You have a point. 

“If you have a lawyer at hand ask on how you need to proceed in case it goes longer than 24 hours.”

The Olive Press has contacted Citizens Advice Spain for comment. 


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