Quad bike user accused of exposing himself to passersby on Spain’s Costa del Sol is vindicated: Woman ‘made a FALSE allegation because she was sick of bikes using the same path as her’

A QUAD biker has been vindicated after allegations that he exposed himself to passersby were revealed to be ‘false’ and motivated by a neighbour who was ‘sick of bikes using the same path as her’. 

The man was accussed of exposing himself in Entrerios Photo: Fuengirolasequeja

The woman claimed the incident took place in Entrerios, near Fuengirola. 

She alleged a man on a quad bike passed her and a friend, who were out horse riding, before turning around and masturbating in a bush. 

The horse rider alleged the man stood in their way, knowing ‘perfectly well there was no other route we could take.’

But once the woman had reported the incident to both the police, law enforcement quickly realised the claim was false. 

Today, January 15, a judge threw out the case, stating it was a ‘false allegation because she was sick of the bikes using the same path as her.’

Although making false allegations is a crime in Spain, it is not clear whether the woman will be charged. She also reported the incident on Fuengirolasequeja, a local complaints Instagram page, posting a picture of the accused alongside her account.


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