Anti-tourism protests: Police break up demonstration after locals chant ‘tourists go home’ at cove beloved of foreign influencers in Spain’s Mallorca

FURTHER anti-tourism protests broke out at a secluded beach in Mallorca that has become popular with ‘Instagram tourists’.

Over 300 local residents flocked to the picturesque Es Calo des Moro on Sunday afternoon chanting ‘tourists go home’ and parading banners that read ‘occupy our beaches’.

Known for its stunning cliffs and clear waters, Es Calo des Moro has seen a dramatic transformation from a secluded local gem to a must-visit destination touted by influencers and travel bloggers. 

This surge in popularity has led to congestion and queues, with residents last summer facing waits of up to three hours just to get to the sand.

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Around 300 local residents protests the presence of foreign tourists at a secluded cove in Mallorca. Credit: Mallorca Platja Tour

From early Sunday morning, protestors from across the island came to enjoy a swim before the influencers arrived en masse. 

Just before descending to Caló des Moro cove, volunteers equipped with leaflets in German and English were informing arriving tourists about the day’s events under a cloudy sky. 

The protests appeared to put off some of the tourists, with many choosing to visit the nearby cove of s’Almunia or other locations.

Some complainants tried to explain that the protests were not ´directly against the tourists, but a stance taken by locals who feel dispossessed of our land, our beaches, and our iconic spots that are degrading day by day.’

A group from Colonia de Sant Jordi said: “With this action, we want to assert that Mallorca is our home too and that everyone should have the right to enjoy this natural space. 

“We residents also have the right to live on the island without being sidelined.

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“We are organised Mallorcans who come to the beach at 8 in the morning. If not, a bit later it would be impossible because we would have to queue up.”

Despite the supposedly festive atmosphere the organisers had wanted, plain clothes police and uniformed Guardia Civil started to show up when protestors started chanting against the foreign tourists at the beach.

According to attendees, the police formed a barrier to separate local Mallorcans from foreign tourists, checking IDs of locals while apparently not asking the same of tourists. 

The local government has faced criticism for not effectively managing the tourist influx, which has not only eroded the beach but also strained infrastructure and reduced the quality of life for residents.

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