British couple hospitalised with second-degree burns after rental boat explodes in Mallorca port

A BRITISH couple were injured on Sunday after their boat exploded by the Club de Mar in the port of Palma.

The man, 44, and woman, 30, suffered second-degree burns to their hands and face following the blast with less severe injuries over the rest of their bodies.

They were treated by paramedics before being transferred to a private clinic.


The names of the couple have not been revealed.

The accident happened shortly after midday with reports suggesting the Brits were doing some work on the engine of a Zodiac semi-rigid craft which they had rented.

The blast threw them into the water and another adjoining boat caught fire due to the explosion.

Several sailors in other vessels unmoored the second vessel to to stop the flames from spreading to other craft, before it eventually sank.

A large plume of black smoke was formed and could be seen several kilometres away, prompting calls to emergency centres and the police.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Last Tuesday, a British man was injured after a small rental boat exploded at the Cabo Roig marina on the Costa Blanca.

A 41-year-old Spaniard suffered serious burns to the middle of his body and was airlifted to Valencia’s La Fe Hospital.

He had been cleaning the boat and one theory is that the blast was caused by an accumulation of gas.

Two people – a British man (38) and a Lithuanian woman(31) – who were looking to hire the craft suffered minor burns and were taken to Torrevieja Hospital.

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