Antonio Banderas back on stage with musical premiering in his hometown of Malaga 

Antonio Banderas is back on stage and has transformed Malaga’s Soho Theatre into 1970s New York for his latest production, the musical ‘Company’. 

Antonio Banderas Presenta Su Nuevo Espectaculo Musical "company" En Malaga
The cast of ‘Company’

Banderas stars alongside a cast of 11 and a live symphony orchestra of 26 musicians conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich. 

The Malaga-born actor also directed the play that is set to premiere on November 17 and will run until March. 

Composed by Steven Sondheim, ‘Company’ is based around Banderas’ character Bobby and his 50th birthday, discussing themes of love, relationships and human nature.

 A show that the 61 year old actor describes  “curious, original, enigmatic and with elements that make it very attractive, both for laughter and emotion”

After many months without theatre during the pandemic, Banderas welcomed the production as a ‘historic moment’ for the theatre. 

Saying that he is relieved to finally be “returning to the ritual of the theatre”. 

Cable Girls’ Anna Moliner, who stars in the show, said: “Antonio has been able to bet on the musical genre, a sector that is undervalued in Spain and to which he wants to give the value it deserves”

“I don’t think people are yet aware of what they’re in for: they’re going to be very surprised,” added fellow actor, Albert Bolea, who also stars in the show.

Tickets for the show range from €25 -150 with a 50% discount offered for medical staff. 

Buy tickets here 


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