Apollo 11 lands in Spain’s Valencia for special moonshot exhibition

A LIFE-SIZE recreation of a space craft module is the star attraction of a new exhibition called ‘Apollo 11: Man’s arrival on the moon’ at Valencia’s CaixaForum.

Running until June 11, the exhibition uses real objects taken into space, meteorite remains and replicas to tell the story of the Apollo mission that gripped the world in July 1969.

Moon Exhibition

It has a two-fold aim, namely to appeal to adults who were alive then to jog their memories over what happened and to introduce younger generations to the historical event.

The displays have elements to interest all ages and the final section is a simulation of what it would have been like to inside the Apollo craft and the cramped conditions endured by astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins.

Visitors will be able to image the journey to the moon until the moment when the Eagle lunar module separated from the main craft to take Armstrong and Aldrin to the surface.

CaixaForum director, Alvaro Borras, said: “It’s astounding that the equipment used to allow the Apollo 11 rocket to perform its functions had less power than a modern smartphone!”

Videos and displays show how NASA astronauts spent their days in space doing all kinds of tasks like sleeping, eating, and even doing some hobbies.

There are examples of the uniforms the astronauts wore and some of the unappetising food they had to eat.

Moon Costumes

Space exploration expert, Rafael Clemente, who helped put together the exhibition said: “The aim is to humanise a story that is almost beyond human comprehension.”

The displays look at man’s fascination with the moon over the years culminating in the 1969 moon landing.

 “To understand the importance of Apollo 11, you have to appreciate history from the moment that observing the moon via a telescope started, “ Clemente added.

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