Around the clock work continues on the A-395 access road to Spain’s Sierra Nevada in bid to open for weekend

SKILLED road maintenance operatives work around the clock in an effort to open the blocked Sierra Nevada road this weekend.

At least eight people were injured last Sunday, January 29, in a hair-raising moment when a landslide swallowed an entire stretch of road on the A-395 highway near Güejar-Sierra.

Since then road maintenance operatives from the Junta have been grappling to clear and guarantee safety on the Sierra Nevada access road, with heavy machinery brought in to help remove the stones and secure the safety of the area.

In total, some thirty people are working on the site of the incident in 24-hour shifts in an attempt to reopen the road as soon as possible.

Although the aim is to have the road operational again for the weekend, the Junta hasn’t offered an exact timeframe, stating it is ‘impossible to say’ when the terrain will be cleared and fully secured to prevent further landslides.

As for the causes of the dramatic landslide, which also damaged five cars and caused a huge traffic jam, technicians from the Junta have stated that the occurrence was due to natural causes’ and not caused by human action.


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