New Gibraltar nature reserve website offers more options than ever before for international visitors

THE Gibraltar Nature Reserve has launched its own website to sell tickets and promote what it offers as part of the government’s pandemic recovery plan.

The Department of the Environment said it will also ‘be doubling up on the strength of this with a strong social media presence’ as it tries to market the Upper Rock to new and old customers.

Minister for the Environment Professor John Cortes, CEO Dr Liesl Mesilio and Senior Environment Officer Stephen Warr launched the website on Wednesday.

The Upper Rock and its tourist sites are the main feature of the Nature Reserve.

But the website also provides options for e-bike hire and the dolphin safari, as well as the ever-popular private Rock taxi tours.

“The website displays a strong emphasis on nature conservation, highlighting the extensive work that goes into maintaining the Reserve, its wildlife and sites,” the Department of the Environment said in a statement.

“It also embraces corporate social responsibility and offers the ability to help support this maintenance through ‘adopt an animal’ programs and corporate sponsorship partnerships.” includes a programme of weekly events and walking routes.

Livened up by video and scenic images, it gives historic and scientific descriptions of Gibraltar’s flora and fauna.

“The website will allow for the visitor to have complete control over their experience in Gibraltar,” the statement added.

“They can tailor their visit to their individual desires all from the comfort of their web browsing devices.”

The website is live now and is already taking orders for one of the most unique areas in the whole of the Mediterranean.


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