Art fills the streets of Palma in Spain’s Mallorca for Nit de l’Art festival

FOR four days the centre of Palma will be turned into a huge art gallery with paintings, sculptures and photography on display throughout the City for La Nit de l’Art which begins on September 16.

The cultural extravaganza showcases more than 60 local, national and international artists’ work which are displayed in galleries, bars, cafés, shops. The event attracts hundreds of artists from all over the world and is open to the public. 

Museums and art studios usually stage free exhibitions and there’s a whole host of street theatre, live music and plenty of wine! 

Normally, La Nit de l’Art , translated as ‘a night of art’, is held in the evening but due to Covid restrictions the event will take place during the day.

La Nit de l’Art also hosts conferences with leading contemporary art experts and this year, for the first time, the work of renowned artists such as José Dávila, Alicja Kwade and Gregor Hidebrandt and Sidival Fila will be on show in Mallorca. 

The event is organised by Art Palma Contemporani and the Association of Independent Art Galleries. 
The Tourist Information Office can provide a full list of galleries taking part as well as details of private tours. Or for full programme information.


Algaid’Art: Street art festival gets underway in Spain’s Mallorca

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