Optimistic property listing for a flat in Madrid with terrifying graffiti scrawled across walls goes viral

LOOKING for somewhere affordable to live in Madrid is no joke. So if you see a self-contained flat on the market for shockingly low €120,000, you would be forgiven for getting excited.

But you might want to think twice before applying for a mortgage for this ‘micro flat’ in Lavapies, as the flat is covered in creepy graffiti, peeling paint and grimey tiling. 

The flat does come with two bedrooms, kitchen, shower and a spacious hallway but the walls are covered with chilling graffitied signs that read ‘the gods’ alongside illustrations of machetes, people and a building.

Despite the glaring flaws, the optimistic listing describes the flat as ‘something special’ and ‘wonderful’. 

The description reads: “Are you looking for something special? Do you want to enjoy the tranquility of your own home? 

“This wonderful property may be the opportunity you were waiting for to take the leap.

“What are you left with the desire to know more about this house? Do not let this chance go away. Visit without commitment, without commissions of intermediation. If you wish, you can obtain more information by phone or by completing the contact form. Contact us!” 

Photos of the property show the filthy bathroom covered in grime, broken doors lying discarded on the floor and filthy flooring. 

But with all the flaws aside, there’s likely to still be plenty of buzz around the property as finding a home in London for such low rent is an increasingly impossible task.

The ad also boasts that the flat also has excellent transport links, and its location makes it ideal to live comfortably as it is surrounded by schools, a variety of services and businesses. Very good communication by means of transport.’ 


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