Attacker in Darth Vader mask stabs rent collector inside popular shopping mall on Spain’s Costa del Sol before making off with €80,000 cash

A DARTH Vader masked assailant has stabbed a shopping centre rent collector in broad daylight before making off with €80,000 on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The victim was collecting the rent from the different shops in the Plaza Mayor when he was attacked.

He had just being doing his rounds about 11.30am on December 21 when he went back to his motorbike only to find the tyre was punctured.

At that moment, an attacker with a Darth Vader mask jumped out at him from behind.

The assailant stabbed him in the lumbar area and snatched the money from the victim.

A second person picked him up on another motorbike and the pair fled the scene.

The victim of the attack had to receive hospital treatment for the 5cm wound close to his spine.

National Police investigators are now trying to piece together how the armed robbery occurred.

On going to press the Malaga central police station said it had not arrested any suspects on going to press.


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