‘Illegal’ hunter who ‘beheaded majestic deer in the dead of night after slaying them with a gun and silencer’ is arrested in southern Spain

A MAN who hunted deer with a silencer and night-vision goggles in Spain’s Andalucia to use their heads as trophies was arrested in a police probe.

Guardia Civil agents were called to a private plot of land near the Cadiz city of Los Barrios after its owners complained that someone had been poaching illegally in the grounds.

The Seprona (Nature Protection Service) officers based in Algeciras launched their investigation after finding the decapitated body of a male stag in the wooded property.

Police discovered that the alleged hunter had shot the animal with a gun while evading the attention of guards.

They followed up on the case and soon identified a man who lived in nearby Algeciras as their main suspect.

Officers claimed he had used night-vision goggles and firearms with silencers to be able to go hunting at night without anyone noticing.

Guardia Civil agents asserted that the only goal of the hunter was to take the head of the deer as a trophy.

Prosecutors charged him with a crime against the wild flora and fauna of the area.

Police also took steps to remove the man’s firearm’s licence as a result of the case.

Red deer, Fallow deer and Roe deer are the three main species of the animal that live in Spain.


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