Bars and restaurants demand COVID passports to avoid new restrictions in Murcia area of Spain

THE Murcia hospitality and tourism association, HoyTu, says COVID passports should be introduced ‘in all public life’ to stop new restrictions on bar, restaurant, and nightlife businesses.

Speaking this Friday, HoyTu president, Jesus Jimenez, said his members feared opening hour and capacity cuts due to rising coronavirus infections in the region.

He called on the Murcia Health Ministry to implent a COVID passport ‘not only in hospitality and tourism’ but also from ‘getting into a taxi to going into a shopping centre’.

The EU COVID certficate is currently only used in the Murcia region on a voluntary basis for nightlife venues to achieve 100% capacityas opposed to the general 75% limit.

Jiminez commented that rising infection rises are nothing to do with hospitality and nightlife.

He quoted official Murcia health statistics that show unvaccinated children aged under 12 and unvaccinated people aged between 20 and 50 as the main reason for the hike.

He pointed out that infection rates are higher in Murcia than in Madrid, which has fewer restrictions.

“We need measures to focus on the population that refuse to be vaccinated to avoid restrictions on the whole of society,” added Jiminez.

“The COVID certificate would be a good way of creating safe spaces.”

The HoyTu leader said his members had received an ‘avalance’ of reservations for Christmas dinners and lunches.

They see the period as crucial in easing their financial problems brought on by the pandemic and associated long periods of closures and capacity restrictions.


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