Bids submitted to construct new Las Chapas health centre on Spain’s Costa del Sol

TWO companies are vying to construct a new health centre in Las Chapas, Malaga.

On July 20, Marbella council made the announcement, declining to name the two companies involved, but saying that the centre will be built on Calle Hacienda, next to where a new public swimming pool is currently being built.

The new facility will have eleven consultation rooms, five waiting rooms, comprising more than 500 square metres. 

Angeles Muñoz, the mayor of Marbella, said the project will take around eight months.

Spain Healthcare Snip
Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but there are still big disparities across regions.
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“We are going to provide the district with an absolutely necessary infrastructure to meet the demands of the citizens of the eastern part of the municipality, which until now only had a clinic in the Mayor’s Office itself,” she said.

The mayor took a swipe at the ruling socialst government, saying Marbella had a ‘historical healthcare deficit’ due to years of neglect from those in power.

“I am please with the close collaboration between administrations that we are experiencing with President Juanma Moreno, which is allowing us to provide our city with health services that will be finally up to scratch,” she said.

Diego Lopez, the Councillor for Works, said there was an available budget of €850,000 and that the work, when completed, has the possibility of future expansion if necessary.

Four of the consultation rooms will be dedicated to family medicine, and another four for nursing. 

The remainder will be for paediatrics, social workers, and midwifery as well as a namiddison area.


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