Big Easyjet strikes set to go ahead in Spain

EASYJET strikes look set to continue after the airline refused to negotiate with its staff over pay.

Strikes penciled in the staff look set to go ahead in six dates in July – the 15th, 16th, 17th, 29th, 30th and 31st. 

USO, the union representing EasyJets cabin crew, criticised the airline, saying: “The airline has not moved an inch from its salary freeze in Spain.”

According to the union, crew members in Spain have a base salary of €950 which is €850 lower than their counterparts France and Germany who recently signed new contracts which significantly better pay. 

Easyjet Snip
The strikes will cause big disruption to passengers.
Photo: Wikipedia.

“The conclusion is very clear: at EasyJet there is money for everything, except for Spain,” said USO general secretary, Miguel Galan. 

A last ditch meeting is scheduled for July 13, but neither side is hopeful for a breakthrough.

“If they come to the meeting once again empty-handed, the strike will go ahead,” Galan said.

The demands are thought to involve remuneration for training hours and supplementary pay for seniority. 

The British airline is the second-largest budget airline in Europe after Ryanair.


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