Border Rats by Patricia Cleary – A novel of crime and mystery on the Mexican border

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“Cassandra,” Nardo barked, “Angela gos with me. Keep the others quiet. If anything goes wrong…”

Patty Book BratsHe drew a line across his neck. Cassandra couldn’t see Angela´s eyes, but her forehead dripped with sweat.

“Angela,” Cassandra cried, “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Nardo sniggered, “she will have fun.”

Whatever demons agonized him, he was determined to make everyone ache. as if that would ease his suffering.

Sixteen-year old Cassandra’s life is overturned by the appearance of handsome and mysterious Felix Treviño. Like Cinderella and her prince, Cassandra meets him one night and the next he disappears into distant Mexico. When she is granted a vacation to visit her father, Sal, in San Diego, she imagines crossing the border with him to work. But he is now wearing worn blue jeans, not a business suit, and a tattoo on his shoulder. Then a shadowy figure, notorious narco-trafficker Nardo Urtegui, surfaces and her father vanishes.

Cassandra is forced to hunt for him in Tijuana’s dirty underbelly, where nothing and everything is possible. Her friend, Angela, a border rat from the streets, hears Felix is in league with Nardo. Can this be true? Worse, Nardo wants Cassandra, wants her father’s hotel and won’t be satisfied until he has them both. Cassandra must outsmart him, learn whether Felix is a criminal and hope to stay alive.

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