Boxer in Spain faces charges after ‘beating up a man in a cinema who was shouting aggressively at his girlfriend’

A BOXER from Spain who has been hailed by some as ‘a hero’ after he intervened in a cinema to stop a man from allegedly abusing his partner is now facing charges, after the supposed abuser filed a police report against him. 

Boxer Antonio Barrul, who is 25 and from the northern Leon province, took action after the man allegedly assaulted his wife in the presence of their daughter, during a screening of the children’s film The Garfield Movie.

The incident took place on May 1, and began when an argument broke out between the man and his wife, in the presence of their child. 

As viral footage of the incident showed, the man was increasingly belligerent to other patrons in the cinema as they tried to intervene, despite the presence of children, and proffered a series of insults toward Barrul. 

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Boxer Antonio Barrul
Boxer Antonio Barrul. Credit: Social media

The boxer, who is viewed as one of the future stars of the sport in Spain, squared up to the man and quickly reduced him to the ground with a shower of blows with his fists and his knee. As is seen in video footage, he then calmly apologised to the other patrons in the cinema, many of whom can be heard offering him support for his actions.

The alleged abuser, however, has filed a police report against Barrul, according to Spanish press reports. 

The man had previously been the subject of a police report himself, however, for domestic violence offences, police sources told news agency Europa Press. 

Barrul could be facing charges of aggravated assault and battery, according to a report in Leon Noticias, given that he had an advantage over the other man given his condition as a professional boxer. 

If found guilty he could face a fine of just €100, or possibly a prison sentence should the man have serious injuries or require surgery. 

Earlier this week, Barrul made a series of appearances on Spanish television shows to apologise for his actions, as well as releasing several videos where he also gave his version of events. 

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