Dog finds a human ARM at a ‘finca’ in Spain: Police analyse ring on victim’s finger after failing to find rest of the body

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil is investigating a grisly discovery in Alicante province, after a dog found an arm apparently belonging to a woman on farmland in the municipality of Xixona. 

The limb was discovered two weeks ago, on April 27, but the rest of the body has not been located. The authorities are trying to work out who the victim was and find a possible culprit. 

The victim is thought to be a woman due to her fingernails, according to a report on online news site Informacion, as well as a gold ring with an encrusted jewel she was wearing on one of the fingers. 

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The Guardia Civil have been using drones and divers to locate the rest of the body.

The woman is thought to have been dead for several months. 

The Guardia Civil on Thursday was carrying out a new search in the area, using a helicopter, sniffer dogs and specialised officers from different sections of the police force. 

The authorities have also used drones and even divers to search irrigation ponds for the rest of the body. 

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