BREAKING Christmas jailbreak update: Police issue wanted notice for escaped hitman, 20, as major manhunt gets underway

A MAJOR police manhunt is underway after a ‘highly dangerous’ Ceuta hitman slipped out of a Madrid jail the day before Christmas Eve.

The Policia Nacional have taken the unusual step of issuing a wanted notice revealing the prisoner’s full name and photo.

Yousef Mohamed Lehrech, 20, measuring 188cm tall, with curly brown hair and brown eyes, disappeared from Alcala Meco prison at 6pm on December 23 during visiting hours.

Yousef Mohamed Lehrech
The ‘highly dangerous’ Yousef Mohamed Lehrech, 20, 188cm tall, with curly brown hair and brown eyes, is sought by the police

A string of shocking prison errors permitted him to slip out of the jail hidden among a group of departing visitors.

At one point Guardia Civil officers on the perimeter even stopped him as he tried to escape by the vehicle exit, only to redirect him to the pedestrian gate.

Known in the underworld as La Pastilla (the pill), was due to stand trial for two gangland murders in his native Cadiz province, including shooting his own boss in the abdomen in Los Barrios in April. 

Police caught him in the Port of Algeciras the same afternoon attempting to flee to his hometown of Ceuta where he planned to hide out.

It is feared that he could have already skipped the country once again.

The police ask anyone who has seen him or has any information about his whereabouts to notify them by telephone on 091 or with an email to the address


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