Covid and flu cases rise as temperatures fall in Spain’s Valencia region

COVID infections have increased by 83% in the last week to reach 247.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Valencian Community compared to 135.1 the previous week.

Flu cases have risen by 183.47% to 142.3 cases per 100,000 people compared to 50.2 a week earlier.

Instances of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) grew by 25.1% to 192.8 cases compared to 154.1 cases.

The figures come from the Valencian Community’s Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance System (ARI).

The combined total was 19.08% more than the last report, which is almost double the national rate.

The most affected age group is 0 to 4 years old with an incidence of 4,975 cases, followed by the 5 to 14 years range, which is around 2,000 cases.

The number of serious respiratory infections in hospitals in the Valencian Community has grown by 23.84% in the last week to 21.3 cases compared to 17.2 seven days ago- two points above the national average.

The average age of those admitted to hospital with Covid is 77 years, with the percentage of ICU admissions at 7.3%.

Patients with the coronavirus have an average stay of three days in critical care and an average hospitalisation stay of six days, while the case fatality rate is 4.9%.

For influenza, the average age is 71 years but the percentage of ICU admissions rises to 11.1%.


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