BREXIT: Do British expats resident in Spain need a new life insurance policy?

NO longer part of the EU, the UK is now a ‘third country’ and operates outside of the EU’s economic structures. Following Brexit, the UK’s relationship with the EU has changed and expat residents should realise that this new situation could have an effect on their life insurance policies.

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) advises all expat living in the European Union to pay close attention to the small print in their policies – particularly those with official residence in Spain now and whom have taken out life insurance policies with an authorised insurer in the UK or Gibraltar.

EIOPA recommends asking your UK or Gibraltar insurer if your policy is still valid and to seek advice on the Spanish rules which could have an effect on your policy. More than likely, if your permanent residence is not in the UK, you will find that your cover is not valid. As such, you should consider taking out new life insurance with a Spanish insurer.

Aware of this fact and striving to make life a little easier for all UK citizens who find themselves in this situation, Liberty Seguros has designed its life insurance cover to meet their new needs.

With policies available in English, excellent premiums and additional discounts, life insurance from Liberty Seguros can be taken out from as little as 10 euros per month.

The advantages of having life cover Liberty Seguros really are extensive, leaving policy holders safe in the knowledge that nothing will prevent them and their loved ones from being protected.

For example, the upper age limit with regard to death cover has now been extended to 70 years of age, and the upper age limit for renewals is now 80 years of age. Liberty Seguros also offers a capital advancement to cover burial expenses and inheritance tax payments – and, upon death, beneficiaries receive 100% of the contracted capital as standard, regardless of the cause of death.

What’s more, life cover with Liberty Seguros now boasts a wide range of additional new extra options too. For example, you can take out extended cover for repatriation to any country; and, if you have children under the age of 18, beneficiaries can receive double the insured capital in the event of death of both spouses in the same accident. Furthermore, this is without having to take out an additional policy either.

There is also new cover for serious diseases for women (such as malignant tumours in the breast, uterus, etc.), as well as cover for other serious diseases for both genders (such as myocardial infarction, by-pass, coronary artery surgery, kidney failure… amongst others.)

For the convenience of its customers, life insurance policies from Liberty Seguros can now be FULLY completed online, in English and without the need for copious amounts of paperwork or signatures. All you need is a mobile phone and an email address.

Not only that, but for your peace of mind and privacy, Liberty Seguros brokers and agents never retain any paper documents with information pertaining to your health themselves. Privacy is respected and guaranteed, and certificates are issued digitally by an external party.

With this new, more modern and more professional online sign-up service, taking out a life policy with Liberty Seguros is completely secure. The application process is verified by means of a digital signature with a PIN sent to the customer by SMS mobile text message. The whole process is quick and easy, with a smaller and more simplified health screening questionnaire. Plus, once again, it’s all in English.

In addition to all the advantages, all online applications for life policies currently come with a 10% off plus an extra discount for those already an existing LIBERTY SEGUROS customer.

Moreover, up until November 25, you can also take advantage of Liberty Seguros’ Cashback offers and feel safe in the knowledge that you remain protected.

To find out more, simply visit one of the more than 300 Liberty Seguros expatriate brokers and agents that are on-hand to answer your questions, in YOUR language.

With Liberty Seguros there are only ADVANTAGES.

Visit or call 91 342 25 49 for the name and location of your nearest broker.


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