Customer’s outrage over ‘excessive’ tortilla bill in Spain goes viral

A SPANIARD who reportedly splashed out on food and drink at a bar in Madrid was left outraged when the bill arrived.

The meal of one tortilla, coffee, and beer cost an eye-watering €14.10 in total, with a receipt shared to Twitter showing the full expense of her indulgence. 

The Spanish journalist Paz Álvarez had visited the La Primera on Friday, November 19. 

A caption alongside the photo of the shocking receipt, that listed every item the guests had ordered that night, said: “I had a tortilla skewer at the La Primera bar. I didn’t ask for bread, they put it in and charge it, €2.30. I told the waitress that I didn’t order bread, and she tells me that bread is mandatory.” 

She added: “#elpanesobligatorio. I’m going to get on a tattoo.” 

The post already has been shared by more than 2,000 people and 5,000 likes on Twitter. 

Users have responded in shock and dismay at the price. 

One replied: “Robbery!”

Another responded with a picture captioned: “Vigo: Coffee and one tortilla with bread = 2€.”

“I see you’re clueless. In Madrid you can have a tortilla pincho and a coffee for €3 if you know the right place,” wrote another.

A fourth replied: “If we get used to it and do nothing every time they will cheat us more. That is how bad we are willing to get used to.” 

“Excessive!” another said. 


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