British expat dies after being ravaged by pit bull dog on road in Spain’s Valencia

A British woman, 67, died in Valencia’s La Fe Hospital on Saturday after being attacked by a pit bull dog.

The victim suffered serious injuries to her head and arms when the loose dog lunged at her on a road in Macastre on Friday, close to the CV-425.

It’s not been disclosed whether she was on her own and her name has not been revealed by authorities.

When paramedics arrived at the scene at around 2.00 pm, they could not attend to the woman because of the vicious dog.

They had to wait for Guardia Civil officers who shot the animal, which was said to have been ‘abandoned’ and had no microchip identification.

Medical sources told the Las Provincias newspaper that the Brit ‘went into a state of shock’ after suffering ‘catastrophic bleeding’ from her arms.

She was admitted to La Fe Hospital in a serious condition but passed away in the ICU the following day.

The victim is said to have lived on the outskirts of Macastre with the local council passing on its condolences to the woman’s family.

The Guardia Civil are now trying to locate the owner of the pit bull.

The law on the possession of potentially dangerous animals like pit bulls requires them to always wear a muzzle and leash outdoors, in addition to owners taking out special civil liability insurance.


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